This is another printmaking project inspired by women. It is a combination digital and silkscreen print. The inspiration for this piece came from a song by Dej Loaf, pretty spontaneously. On my morning commute I was struck by the lyrics "I'm too clean, I'm too holy, bitch I'm godly." The flippant way in which Dej described herself as a literal divinity was just, cool. There's something deeply powerful in a woman unabashedly declaring her worth; defining herself. In response I wanted to make something declarative, for the world, but also something empowering for women themselves. So, I made a giant prayer card, that unfolds to a photograph, that is for the world. And, and little ones, declaring "I'm too clean. I'm too holy, I am godly." for women. In respect to the catholic influence, outside of the obvious, I was interested the idea of a women as an empowered figure in her own right, rather than a mere vessel for a male savior.